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Rungta Industries Company Location


Company Overview

Rungta Industries Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1992. The Solvent Extraction plant was formed in 2005. Our company is a private body under the directorship of Mr Rajesh Kumar Rungta & Mrs Renu Rungta.

“Mission: To serve high quality economically priced products to our customers ensuring consumer satisfaction and solidifying our image, exemplifying standard.”

Key Business

Rungta Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a solvent extraction plant. Commenced with a capacity of 150 MT/day, after continuous expansion, company has existing production capacity of 350 MT/day.

The unit is engaged in processing of Rice bran using food grade hexane and manufacturing of rice bran oil and de-oiled rice bran. The company has also initiated processing Mustard cake to manufacture Mustard oil and De-oiled Mustard Cake.

Rungta Industries Company Location
Rungta Industries Company Location

Company Background

With considerable experience gained and developed within this industry, Rungta Industries Pvt. Ltd. has expanded its reach to approximately 99 cities and counting. Company is actively exporting its material to Nepal as well.

With advancement in technology, our company takes pride in frequently upgrading our facility to ensure maximum efficiency. The company aims to employ latest technology to cater quality products to it’s customers.

Given our products are ultimately used for consumption (either by cattle or humans), we focus on serving the best quality product as per the requirement of our customers. We firmly believe in our “Customer’s First” motto.


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